Your whistleblowing report

In this section you can report information regarding a misconduct in which there is a public interest. If you are included in one of the protected categories of persons specified, you are welcome to submit your report.

Fill in the form in as much detail as you can, this makes it easier for us to perform our investigation. You also have the possibility to attach files. No fields are mandatory, and it is entirely up to you to choose the information you wish to submit.

a) an employee, b) a person who enquires about or applies for a job, c) a person who applies for or performs voluntary work, d) a person who applies for or performs a trainee position, e) a person who otherwise is available to perform or performs work under the control and management of the business, f) a self-employed businessperson who applies for or performs an assignment, g) a person who is available to be part of or is part of an administrative, management or supervisory body for the business, h) a shareholder who is available to be or is active in the company, or i) a person who has previously belonged to one of the above categories and has obtained or received the information during their time in the business.

Please note that you are not covered by the protection of the law if you do not belong to any specified category of persons.


Choose a date

Describe who is involved

Describe where the incident occurred, if there is a specific location

Describe what prompted your report in as much detail as you can

If yes, describe what other measures you have taken

Tell us if there is anything else that we need to know

If you wish to attach a file, you have the possibility to do so here. Remember to remove any data from the material that could disclose your identity. Please note that you will not be exempt from liability for breach of confidentiality of confidentiality agreements if you provide a document or from the business/operation by attaching the file.

Contact details (voluntary)

You have the possibility to provide your contact details here.